Collection: Live Aquatic Plants

Why live plants? If you're new to aquatic plants it sure does seem like a lot to take in. At the very base of it all, plants help clean your water and eat waste, oxygenate the water column, and provide a nice natural home for your aquatic friends. Some plants are hard and some are easy, but it boils down to what your tank can handle and that depends on your whole setup. Plants in this section that are suitable for beginners are labeled as "Easy" in the description by "Care Level". Sometimes it takes a little bit of testing to see what can grow if you've never kept plants before. Some safe options would be the Moss Balls and some of the "Easy" labeled plants. The "Beginner's Plant Package!" is also a great way to start a new, small tank especially if you're new to plants.

Some plants may be new and therefore are not a perfect representation of their mature/established forms. New pictures will always be taken to best represent what you will be buying. In the case that you are unsure of appearance please research the name of the plant to find some beautiful pictures of what they can be.

If you're looking for something specific, let us know and we might be able to get it! (based on availability)