If your area experiences temps below 40 degrees, we HIGHLY recommend OVERNIGHT shipping!!! Due to weather circumstances in some areas, some orders may be held for shipping at a later date.

With the Holidays around the corner we wanted to do a big sale for everyone! The unfortunate news is that our breeder is having issues and we won't be able to get more fish for, most likely, the next 2 weeks... It has already been this way for about 2 weeks now and, to be honest, it's been rough. There is a chance we won't be able to restock until mid-December as well which will be really tough for us with the incoming holiday schedule.

The stop came very suddenly so we weren't able to prepare for it and now we won't have any new stock for the immediate holidays incoming. To counter this we'll be putting all of our remaining Betta on sale as well as discounting our gift cards via the code GIFT21.

Our gift cards will be able to be discounted by 15% if you use the code GIFT21 at checkout

The goal right now is to have a BIG restock as soon as we can!!!