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Assorted Fancy Female Guppy


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We have a nice assortment of female Guppies for sale!!! Guppies are an easy beginner-level fish that boast many different colors and do well in community tanks! The one's for purchase are adults and are roughly around 2 inches in length already! Many online sellers sell these very cheap but they sell them as "fry" or extremely young Guppies at under an inch per Guppy.

These are dealer's choice but please feel free to leave any requests in the notes section of your order (or contact us). There are a good number of different Guppies that you can get so feel free to be specific and to include any alternatives in case we do not have what you request.

If you order a group without any requests we will try to send a diverse group of Guppies.

These have been treated and quarantined.