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Baby Magnolia Pods (4-Pack)

Baby Magnolia Pods (4-Pack)

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This is a pack of 4 smol baby Magnolia pods! They are tiny and CUTE! These are very fragrant and with enough you may pick up a hint of it's scent from your aquarium though a small amount in an aquarium will not make the smell overbearing in any way. These have a unique structure to them and we've heard these described as looking like little dragon eggs. Like most other botanicals these do release organic compounds that will increase a tank's overall health. Fun fact these smaller sized Magnolia pods are harder to come by then the larger ones :o

What you're buying: 4 baby Magnolia pods all around 1 inch in length each

Preparation: upon receiving lightly rinse the product to remove any dust or debris and they will be ready to go into water!

As with all natural products there will be variations with each separate product but they will generally look and be very similar to what is shown in the photograph

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