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Beginner's Plant Package!


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This is a package of mixed plants aimed for someone new to plant keeping or anyone looking to grab a group of some easier plants! Perfect for new, small tanks as well! There is not a set group of plants that you will receive but you will receive more than what you pay for! Purchased separately everything in this package would total $27, but with this package you save $5 and only pay $22, roughly 20% off!!!

What you WILL get with each package:
1 x Amazon Sword (5+ inches in height)
1 x Assorted Anubias (congensis, coffeefolia, or nana)
1 x Assorted Cryptocoryne (Wendtii, Undulata, Lutea, or Spiralis)
- This list of plants may change over time!

What you MAY get in addition (3 different plants, dependent on availability):
An assortment of plants/cuttings of
- Rotala rotundifolia
- Ludwigia repens (narrow leaf)
- Green Cabomba
- Hygrophila angustifolia
- Bacopa caroliniana
- Pennywort
- This list of plants may change over time!

Care Level: Easy - moderate
Lighting: Low - moderate
CO2: Not needed

There is a shipping option for plants only but the other shipping options can be used for plants as well. Though most plants will make the journey with minimal damage, overnight and one-day shipping is still the best as it will deliver your plants to you in the best shape possible!