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High Quality, Homemade Pellet Food!


We now carry our own pellet foods made specially for Bettas (but other tropical fish can eat them as well)! They are packed with nutrients and ingredients that are recommended by our local breeder as he uses them with all of his Betta as well! This is also what we feed our Betta!

This pellet is a bit smaller than our previous food. It is perfect for smaller fish but we still feed our fully grown Betta this too! Giants are still able to eat it but anything larger than 4/5 inches may ignore the food due to it's size. This is what we are currently feeding all of our stock! We plan on stocking a larger granule size soon and varying portions!

NEW CONTAINERS! These are containers that will hold 1.5 oz of food (about 2.3 oz total including the container)

Crude protein: 48% min
Crude fat: 5% min
Fiber: 3% max
Vitamin A: 25,000 iu/kg min
Vitamin D3: 5,000 iu/kg min
Vitamin E: 1,500 iu/kg min
Ingredients: spirulina, dried tubifex worm, mosquito larvae, beef heart, shrimp larvae salmon, fish meal, other multivitamin and enzymes for easy digestion
Net Weight: 1 oz (28.4 grams)

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