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Betta Supply Package!


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This is a kit for anyone looking to grab some all-around supplies for their Betta (or even any fish in general). Though many of these are made with Bettas in mind they can be used for general tanks and other fish of similar size/care.

What's included:

1 x Scoop Net
1 x Order of our Betta food
3 x Sweetgum Pods or 1-2 Lotus Pods
2-3 x Indian Almond Leaf
1 x Assorted Anubias/Crypt/Fern (whichever is most readily available)
15% off one Betta

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The Scoop Net is a staple we've carried for a while and our consumers have loved their versatility as well as how well they reduce Betta stress when moving them in and out of their aquariums. Our food comes from our breeder who uses it for all of his Bettas as well and highly recommends it. The Magnolia leaf, Indian Almond leaf, and Sweetgum pods can be put straight in to the aquarium for a small blackwater effect. They are known to release beneficial tannins into the water that Bettas (and any South American or Asian fish) naturally love. And of course this package comes with a discount on a Betta of your choosing!


We may compensate any part of the items for another if we run out. Sometimes certain tannin products are out of season or all of our plants melt from a Texas heat wave so we may send replacements instead but we’ll over-compensate for it!