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Blue Alien (Wild Hybrid)


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THIS IS NOT A WYSIWYG LISTING!!!! This is not the EXACT Betta you will be getting. The photos are an example of what is closest to their general appearance. These are very similar so we are not getting photos of every single one so please make sure you are aware that these are NOT exact listings.

There are some variation between each Betta but they will all primarily grow into the same adults as Alien generally yield very uniform batches.

This Alien is like a SAPPHIRE. Aliens are wild hybrid Bettas who have been hybridized between other wild strains of Betta to obtain their pretty awesome coloration. They tend to be a lot more docile than their more domesticated counterparts and are a great addition to community tanks. These do tend to be jumpers to a lid is recommended. Aliens thrive in blackwater and densely planted setups.



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