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Bucephalandra Kedagang Green Long

Bucephalandra Kedagang Green Long

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This is a listing for Bucephalandra Kedgang Green Long. This Buce produces slightly ruffled leaves with a nice green color. If you wanted a thinner Buce than the Green Broad Leaf these are perfect for that! These are also a nice step away from the darker Buce if you like the green color more.

Bucephalandra, despite being on the more expensive end of aquatic plants, is quite easy to grow as long as you have a decent light! They can grow in lower light settings and even in semi-aquatic tanks too. Buce does not require CO2 but will grow very slowly without it. Good flow is also recommended as they get most of their nutrients from the water column.

We highly recommend Googling these plants in general to show how they grow in a variety of conditions as we do not like taking other's photos to use on our listings.

Care Level: Easy - moderate
Lighting: Low - moderate
CO2: Not needed but recommended

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