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Fancy Sorority Package!

Fancy Sorority Package!

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This is a listing for either 3 or 5 fancy female Bettas! These will be handpicked by us at Space City Fish and they will all be considered "fancy" females like Mustard Gas, Grizzle, Dragon, Koi, and Marbles! This is also worth noting that sororities should only be sought after by those who have done their research and have set up their aquariums to be able to support a sorority. This is not an endeavor just anyone can achieve so please ensure that you are capable of taking care of a sorority. While this listing does have a 3-female option, we do NOT recommend keeping only 3 females. 3 females is meant as a group addition to an established sorority.

We will do our best to ensure that every female in the package is distinctly different from one another with differing tail types and colorations. The photos are a general assortment of female that we have had in the past and are a good example of the pool of possible, similar females you can get!

Our females are normally priced from $30-$35 but with these packs you'll save quite a bit of $$$. We're reducing the price per Betta and then taking off an additional % for you! Our packages are priced as:

3 females: $29 each, $87, additional 5% discount: $82.65 -> $82
4 females: $28 each, $112, additional 5% discount: $106.40 -> $106
5 females: $27 each, $135, additional 5% discount: $128.25 -> $128

If you are looking to get more than 5 please feel free to reach out to us!

Though these packages are handpicked by us, feel free to leave in the notes in the order of any requests you may have and if possible we may be able to fulfill them!

These packages also take time to prepare, we can usually prepare these packages in a week but it may take longer depending on availability.

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