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Forest Floor Botanical Pack!


This is a pack of mixed leaves and pods perfect for those looking to give their tank a more natural look as well as providing a bit of botanical health for the aquarium! The Bamboo leaves have a nice blue/green color that will stay that way for a while. The Red Oak leaves will maintain their shape the longest and are beautiful as leaf litter. The Sweet Gum leaves are known to release a lot of healthy organic compounds (though we are not aware of any scientific proof, we have seen increased health and longevity in fish kept in water with these). The Sweet Gum pods and Acorn caps will maintain their shape and add some nice structure to the bottom of tanks (or wherever you put them). The Alder cones have a LOT of tannins in them for how small they are and are great for smaller or nano blackwater tanks. Shrimp love hanging out on the cones themselves as well. An Indian Almond leaf and Magnolia leaf are also a part of this package for the first time and both are magnificent leaf litter for tanks! Both provide tannins and health benefits!

All products listed have been treated and are prepared to go straight into water!

This pack includes:

- 2 Bamboo Tree leaves
- 1-2 Red Oak leaves
- 3 Sweet Gum pods
- 4 Acorn caps or 1-2 lotus pods
- 2 Indian Almond leaf
- 2 Magnolia leaf (Or extra of others)

Depending on size and availability there may be extras of the leaves/pods listed above in your order.

Preparation: upon receiving lightly rinse the product to remove any dust or debris and they will be ready to go into water!

As with all natural products there will be variations with each separate product but they will generally look and be very similar to what is shown in the photograph