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Java Fern

Java Fern

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Many people recommend Java Fern for beginners or low light tanks and the reason is because they are one of the easiest plants to grow! Alongside Anubias and Moss Balls, Java Ferns stand next to them as some of the easiest plants in the hobby! This is a listing for one single (or multiple if small) Java Fern with at least 2 leaves (usually 3-5). Sometimes we get Java Fern that was grown in extreme humid settings rather than completely underwater and these may transition in new tanks but they usually have a lot of spores and will shoot out a lot of babies. 

Care Level: Easy
Lighting: Low
CO2: Not needed

There is a shipping option for plants only but the other shipping options can be used for plants as well. Though most plants will make the journey with minimal damage, overnight and one-day shipping is still the best as it will deliver your plants to you in the best shape possible!

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