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Large Magnolia Leaves (2-Pack)


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This is a pack of LARGE Magnolia leaves (2-pack). These will release tannins and other organic compounds into the water. We've used these for our Bettas and they seem to love it! We've also heard and read that there are a lot of healthy components that are released as these leaves break down though we can't necessarily see it our Bettas are more active and personable when these botanicals are present in their water. These are a bit thicker than a lot of other leaves so they will last for a very long time and are a great treat for tanks with shrimp or microfauna to munch on. 

What you're buying: 2 large Magnolia leaves that are roughly 5-8+ inches in length

Preparation: upon receiving lightly rinse the product to remove any dust or debris and they will be ready to go into water!

As with all natural products there will be variations with each separate product but they will generally look and be very similar to what is shown in the photograph