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Nemo Koi Galaxy Halfmoon

Nemo Koi Galaxy Halfmoon

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!!! This is a rehabilitated Betta !!!

This Betta came to us with a lot of fin rot and has gone through the whole medical treatment process and is now currently healing over the fin rot damage. He was never lethargic, just had fin rot. Was always active and eating and we decided he deserves a good home so we are letting him go as cheap as we can :) His colors are really nice and should only get better as he ages (his fins will do the same).


One of the most dynamically beautiful breed lines. The Galaxy Koi is an array of speckles of colors. The most striking is their iridescent scaling which gives them the Galaxy name. These are one of the most highly sought after marble Bettas and are capable of marbling into some really cool color combinations. Most common colors are red and blue which can sometimes be morphed together to form purple (as you may notice some of our koi do have purple on them).




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