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Platinum Dumbo Halfmoon (DEALER'S CHOICE)


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These are DEALER'S CHOICE!!!

Please read carefully, this is a listing for a Platinum Dumbo Halfmoon WITHOUT PHOTOS. The photos in the listing are examples of one's we have had. Please be aware that the one you receive will not be the EXACT fish in the photos but will be the same kind and possibly even the same bloodline. 

The Platinum Dumbo Halfmoon has very little variation in it. You can rest assured that the one you receive will be pretty close to the one's photoed since they really are only one color. These boast pearly white bodies and fins with tremendous fin growth as they age. The pectoral fins of these are also larger hence the Dumbo name and can grow larger than their bodies! Age will vary between 10-16 weeks old so fin length may vary but they all grow to have full, long fins.