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PREMIUM Mustard Gas Feathertail Halfmoon (RARE COLOR MORPH)

PREMIUM Mustard Gas Feathertail Halfmoon (RARE COLOR MORPH)

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A classic! These sport iridescent blue bodies with bold yellow fins. The iridescence can bleed onto their fins and is capable of making very cool streaks. Marbling is practically nonexistent in Mustard Gasses and any marbling comes in the form of more intense coloration as they grow.

This Mustard Gas adopted some interesting coloration on him. He came from a normal Mustard Gas batch but ended up coloring up way different than the rest. Only 2 in this batch came out like this. We expect him to marble but we're not fully sure how he will. He has an amazing frosty color to his fins and even has the frosty white color speckling his blue body!


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