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Purple Hellboy Startail HMPK (Rare Color Morph)

Purple Hellboy Startail HMPK (Rare Color Morph)

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Bold Black/Red body with blue accents. The Hellboy/girl line is one that boasts very bold contrasting colors. Marbling is minimal and will be kept inside their usual colors of darker red, black, and blue. The blue is capable of being iridescent and can sometimes marble into a galaxy pattern.

BEFORE YOU SAY ANYTHING. In case you didn't notice, yes his anal fin is strangely small 🤣 we think he may have been bullied a bit when he was younger and had his anal fin torn up by another Betta before he was separated which caused this shorter growth. We expect it to grow back out but it may not be as long as our usual Hellboys are. With that said HE HAS A RARE COLOR ON HIM!!! It is very hard to maintain purple on a Hellboy and they usually only get a tiny spot of purple if it happens. This Betta ended up with a purple tail!!! With a Startail pattern too?! Short anal fin aside he has AWESOME COLORING.


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