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Rimless Cube Tank!

Rimless Cube Tank!

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These little cubes make great nano tank displays!

These cubes are made from Starphire glass (low-iron) so they are extremely clear! The edges are beveled to avoid any scratches. There is a white foam layer on the bottom to protect the bottom glass though it is not strongly attached to the glass so it can be removed if you wish to have a different or no underground layer.

They currently come in three sizes; 30x30x30 cm, 25x25x25 cm, and 20x20x20 cm

The 30x30x30 is approximately 27 liters or 7.13 gallons
The 25x25x25 is approximately 16.6 liters or 4.12 gallons
The 20x20x20 is approximately 8 liters or 2.11 gallons


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