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Super Stems Plant Pack!


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This is a package of mixed stem plants that will include most of the ones listed on the website. The value of the total amount of plants you will receive will be similar to purchasing 4 separately listed stem plants but for only $12!!! A value that is normally $16 if purchased separately :)

What you will get with each package (dependent on availability):
- Rotala rotundifolia
- Rotala indica
- Ludwigia repens
- Ludwigia arcuata
- Hygrophila angustifolia
- Bacopa caroliniana
Sometimes we will have other options as well but these are usually what we have available :)

There is a shipping option for plants only but the other shipping options can be used for plants as well. Though most plants will make the journey with minimal damage, overnight and one-day shipping is still the best as it will deliver your plants to you in the best shape possible!