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This is an enclosed plastic fish scoop/net with an extendable handle that reduces the stress and possible damage done to fish when transporting them anywhere! The scoop can be used to move fish from their store bag to your new tank, a current tank to another tank, or out of your tank for cleaning! They're moved while still in water so they're not as likely to be spooked or have damage done to their slime coat.

This is the ULTIMATE upgraded version of our previous nets. This ULTIMATE net has an extendable handle making it more versatile, easier to store, and more durable! There is also a second version with the same extendable handle but with a synthetic fabric net that is more flexible! This fabric net is not completely sealed so it moves through water a little better than the plastic scoop.

As with any net, make sure you rinse it between tanks/uses to reduce risk of transferring any bad stuff between tanks.

We had to change our scoop supplier so instead if a chain on the end it now comes with a sort of clip like a pen usually has! It is still the same material and quality :)

Watch a demonstration of our scoop below!

- Plastic, enclosed scoop for holding fish and water
- Handle with adjustable length ranging from 8" to 21" (size including the scoop)
- Sturdy metal wiring for easy adjusting of the angle of the scoop
- A small chain to hang your scoop
- 5" handle (8" with scoop), 3"x3" scoop with 2" depth, extendable to max length of 21"

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