Although we are based in Houston, we are more than happy to ship across city and state lines-- provided you are in the US, or Canada.  Our shipping is based primarily on temperature and to cover the necessary packing and temperature control needed to ensure your fish arrive safe and sound!  We aim to ship as quickly and smoothly as possible.  No one likes stress, especially fish!

***It is highly recommended to use an overnight or next-day shipping option to reduce stress on the fish and increase the likelihood that your fish will arrive in the best shape possible! We don't cover losses on any shipping longer than overnight/next day. This also applies to plants. In the case of a DOA please take a picture of the fish, still in the bag, and the package.***

***If you are using an express payment option (Paypal/Apple Pay), please review the shipping option before completing your order! Sometimes the express payment options don't make it clear that you can change your shipping method.***



Our most used shipping method is UPS and it is already calculated and applied at checkout. We do offer airport-to-airport shipping upon request and we can work with you if you have any other requests, just let us know! We can do USPS upon request, we know some of our customers would like to use PO boxes.


We offer 2 options for local Houstonians. For locations near us we offer a flat $10 delivery fee where we personally deliver your Betta straight to you! We do offer a free option for anyone who is willing to drive to 77084 (Copperwood Village) and meeting us at our favorite local coffee shop to pick up their order.


Our shipping days are Monday and Tuesday to ensure that if any delays are to happen that they do not sit over the weekend. If you purchase in the middle of the week we may ship it the next day depending on your shipping method. We also work a lot during the week and may not be able to ship outside of our set shipping days (Monday and Wednesday).

During colder months we also may hold your order for shipping at a later date when it is safer to do so. Please understand we hold because we are concerned for the fish's safety. For clarification, the shipping speed that you purchase refers only to the speed at which your order arrives after it has been shipped. If you purchase overnight shipping please understand it may not arrive the very next day after you order, though it is the safest shipping option and one we recommend.

If you have any questions or concerns about shipping please feel free to contact us at


We do offer holds on orders! When you checkout there is an option to add a note to the order, simply let us know there how long you'd like them held for. We do charge for holds that are longer than a week. We make an exception for the winter holiday season where we do not charge for holds because of how cold and congested postal services can get.


In the rare case that your order arrives not in the best of shape please contact us through any of our social medias or our email ( 95% of our orders are orders to be shipped so we are not in the business of our livestock arriving in any shape other than the best possible shape they can be in. But we understand things happen, especially in the hands of postal services so we will work with you if anything happens just contact us!

We offer guaranteed refunds/replacements on orders with overnight shipping. With 2-day shipping and standard shipping more variables come into play but we will come to a resolution with you in those cases.

We do not accept any sort of requests for a refund/compensation or replacement after the fish has been delivered for a week. If there are any issues we strongly urge that you contact us as soon as possible so we can help you.


Because of the nature of having to ship livestock we do not accept returns. We also cannot risk livestock coming back to us from environments that we do not know.


If you are located in Canada the good thing is we can ship to Canada!

There is also another nuisance with shipping to Canada that only affects some of our customers. If you are not located near a UPS store there is a chance your shipping will be much more expensive than what is shown on the checkout page. Our checkout page has a flat rate for all of Canada so we have issues trying to implement the more expensive shipping to certain areas that this is affected by because we do not know which areas this affects. In this case we will reach out to you to pay the rest of the shipping but generally as long as there is a UPS near you the shipping at checkout works fine. In cases where this does affect you, you are also given the option to drive to the closest UPS store to pick up your order as UPS stores will not increase the shipping charge.