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Viet's Rotala rotundifolia

Viet's Rotala rotundifolia

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Personally grown and harvested by Viet :) from Viet's 300 gallon planted tank.

Viet here, these are hand picked stems of Rotala rotundifolia from my personal planted tank. These are not just clippings as I do trim my Rotala down but those are lanky and skinny stems. These are lush, cream-of-the-crop cuts from my Rotala that are full and big-leafed. They have pink undersides and a nice green top. This Rotala is grown with NO C02 and no additional fertilizer outside of the substrate so they should acclimate to new tanks easily. THESE ARE NOT PART OF ANY OF THE PLANT PACKAGES, because I personally harvest and pack these they will only be available from this listing as it takes a lot of time and effort to sort through the cuttings and select the best ones :)

This plant will grow green under low light, yellow under moderate light, and orange/pink/red under high light. This plant is a fast grower that will grow to the surface and overtake it if not pruned and can be pruned to be a small bush.

What you'll get: a bunch of Rotala rotundifolia taken straight from Viet's 300 gallon planted tank
Care Level: Easy
Lighting: Any
CO2: Not needed

There is a shipping option for plants only but the other shipping options can be used for plants as well. Though most plants will make the journey with minimal damage, overnight and one-day shipping is still the best as it will deliver your plants to you in the best shape possible!

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