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Yellow Copper Koi Galaxy HMPK

Yellow Copper Koi Galaxy HMPK

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Very strong body form with nice color spread as well. The copper on this one is not just one copper but TWO copper tones. One the body is speckling green copper and on his fins are a more red copper. If you look at the base of his tail fin both are present and you can see the difference between the two right next to each other.

One of the most dynamically beautiful breed lines. The Galaxy Koi is an array of speckles of colors. The most striking is their iridescent scaling which gives them the Galaxy name. These are one of the most highly sought after marble Bettas and are capable of marbling into some really cool color combinations. Most common colors are red and blue which can sometimes be morphed together to form purple (as you may notice some of our koi do have purple on them).





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